Your questions answered, here

What does a Stemillions session look like?

Each of your sessions will last 30 minutes and feature a snapchat video, ‘draw your life’ or series of pictures from women STEM role model and some exploration or making. You will be able to share your creations, knowledge and your Stemillions experience with other clubs as well as others within your school to help 'pass it forward' and inspire others into STEM. Through the Stemillions Mightybell forum you will also meet other girls setting up their own Stemillions club. You will be able to share tips, upcoming events and of course the latest meme!

Each club will belong to one of four houses and compete together for points, opportunities and unique prizes that will build on your Perception, Awareness, Network, Confidence and Knowledge in STEM.

Who runs Stemillions?

The answer is! This club has been designed specifically for you to run with your friends (of all genders),  with the help and support of Stemettes HQ.

Meal Plans (Activity Packs) and how they work

Each term the Chief Stemette Officer (club lead) will be sent 12 meal plans; 8 will focus on a woman in STEM and 4 are called Treat Weeks. When you first join Stemillions your first two weeks will be Treat Weeks, where you will have the chance to watch the brand spanking new Stemettes documentary; ‘Eat, Sleep, Stem, Repeat.’  The following 10 weeks will then be made up of 8 ‘Meet her’ meal plans and 2 more Treat Weeks. At the end of each meal plan you will be able to show off your completed plans by uploading it to the Stemillions Mightybell.  At the end of term you will also have the chance to showcase your Stemillions club via a school assembly, with prizes, points and presentations (of certificates).  


What will I gain through completing the meal plans?

Through your meal plans you will have the chance to improve perception, awareness, network, confidence and knowledge of  STEM activities, careers and general skills.

How do I gain points though?

Each meal plan completed will gain you 10 points per week in at least one of the areas listed above, often with bonus points for one of the other areas. Teamwork is vital to be able to complete the Stemillions tasks and is expected to be consistently demonstrated through all the tasks. In order to make sure you collect these points you will need to fill out your Digest in the Stemettes app, OtotheB at the end of each completed meal plan. For bonus points, Chief Stemillions Officer will need to share the clubs work on our Mightybell platform.

For example, if you choose a Meal Plan about a role model in which the ‘Explore’ Main is chosen you will be able to contribute Perception points with bonus points available in Awareness. You will not know in advance which Meal Plan corresponds to which points. As evidence is submitted each week, Stemettes HQ will update the leaderboard and you will be able to check where your club is placed!


Tell me about the Houses

Once you’ve filled out your registration survey you will be ‘magically’ sorted into your house!


Sharman House          - named after Helen Sharman

Shirley House         - named after Stephanie “Steve” Shirley

Aderin-Pocock House     - named after Margaret Ebunoluwa "Maggie" Aderin-Pocock

Mirzakhani House         - named after Maryam Mirzakhani


The Houses give you and your club an extended network to work with and which can help each other. Through collaboration with individual tasks will ultimately enable you to gain more points. The House with the most points from its’ clubs at the end of the year will win the (virtual) House cup.

How is the club organised?

The Club is a team and so should make decisions by consensus, taking votes where necessary. There are two roles required per Club. Remember everyone in the Club is equally valuable to the Club’s success and something that is “wrong” at first glance can lead to new ways of looking at things.


  • Chief Stemillions Officer-  you will need one club member to read the Meal Plan before the session and lead the club in following the Meal Plan.
  • Chief Data Officer - you will need one club member to take the register each week (of the OtotheB usernames of those in attendance)  and submit any items to Stemettes HQ as per the Meal Plan ‘Dessert’ section.


A club consists of at least 2 people at the start, which should at least double each term up to a maximum of 16 people per club. Your school may request an additional club if more than 16 wish to participate.

What are the awards/prizes?

In addition to the annual House Cup there will be awards for the Club with the most points at the end of each year. This club will receive a special set of certificates, visit from the Stemettes team and a unique prize from one of our industry partners. Chief Stemillions Officers also get shoutouts in our main newsletter and an invite to our exclusive end of term event.

What do I need to setup a club?

Your club will need the following:

  • Access to a space for meeting, which has
    • Wi-Fi/Internet Access
    • a Screen
    • Audio capabilities
    • Eating is permitted
    • Pens & Paper
  • A weekly regular slot of at least 30 minutes, during lunchtime or afterschool
  • The support of a teacher or responsible adult, who can supervise in case of emergency
  • Access to the OtotheB app
  • Access to the Mightybell app or web platform at
  • A designated club lead who is a young person (aged 21 or below), ‘Chief Stemillions Officer’
  • Capability to join Google Hangouts, Skype or other live video platform

The below infographic outlines this for prospective club leaders/Chief Stemillions Officers.

What Next?

Sign up is via or our OtotheB app and will need to be done by the proposed club leader/Chief Stemillions Officer. They’ll answer questions about the prerequisites and a few sorting hat questions. After that they’ll be invited to join our Mightybell community and start running the club using resources online.

Other Questions

How do I setup my club members on OtotheB?

After they've downloaded the app from their app store, they should say 'Yes' to load new content and then select 'Me' from the menu. Here they can sign up to create an account. They'll be able to get it approved later on, but don't need an approved account to contribute to your club points.

If they are unable to download the app, they can still access it by opening the browser on their phone and going to

How do I get access to Mightybell?

Once you've completed our sorting hat survey, you'll receive a link to gain access to Mightybell. We'll still need to review your club application and approve you before you can access it, though.