If you’re like I once was, when the word ‘hackathon’ is uttered, a glazed look will pass across your face as you look into the ether and imagine Matrix style lists of green numerical digits, whizzing up and down screens, with a bunch of intimidatingly techy men flapping with great importance around a computer, typing at the speed of light, trying to crack some kind of system. Code cracked, big bad boss’ computer broken into, “hack” successful. In my mind, a “hack” was something I could never, nor would ever, be involved in. Thankfully, a Mini Fashion Hack on the […]

April showers, May flowers?

April has been (another) busy month at Stemettes HQ. As we recover from our Women’s Day event and build up to our June panel event (which will feature a ‘Summertime’ theme) we’ve had a number of requests for partnership shower in, and have been tied into organising a number of events outside of our Panel event/Hackathon/Exhibition schedule. Mini Fashion Hack (April 9th) Cassandra Harris from Freeformers (who sat on our March panel) invited us to join her at a ‘Mini Fashion Hack’ on the Strand, which featured two of the boys from Made in Chelsea, copious amounts of pizza and a […]