5 months, 5 headings – May Stemettes update

I’d once again like to thank everyone who has got behind the Stemettes effort, from it’s humble beginnings in my new year’s blog post to all of the wonderful stuff detailed below. Thanks to the core Stemette team: Sonia Meggie – Inspirational Stemette Lydia Monnington & Fahran Wallace – Hackathon Stemettes Jacquelyn Guderley & Sophie Drouet – Blogging Stemettes Michelle Brook – Policy Stemette and Debbie Jelenke – Event Stemette but also thanks to all of you who have spread the word, told friends, wrote blog posts, helped at events, sat on panels and listened to me over a cup […]

A couple of weeks ago, the Stemettes headed to East London for a weekend of adventure at Hack the Barbican: Bazaar, a prelude to the launch of an “experimental playground” this summer that will explore the boundaries between arts, technology and entrepreneurship. This was my first official outing as a Stemette myself and I was excited to join little Stemettes for a hackathon (in trendy East London no less) and do my part to encourage more girls to become creators and not passive users of new technologies. Program or be programmed, right? I thought I was joining a regular hack, […]