It’s not everyday that we get an invite to Rome, but last week, Head Stemette was in Roma for a day and a half, to join the final e-Skills for Jobs event of 2014 being run by DigitalEurope and Anitec for the European Commission.

It was a high-level conference for organisations and companies across the EU to share with each other, and a sizeable number of Italian youth on what they’ve been doing to promote ‘e-Skills’ – digital skills and the jobs associated with them. A day of panels, speeches and workshops for the assortment of people from EU member states.

Head Stemette was on one such panel and spoke about how the Stemettes have been bringing together STEM businesses, schoolgirls and students in order to inspire girls to enter the world of STEM. The audience were impressed to hear that our events centre on fun, food and being free – and that the girls enjoyed seeing the toilets at these big companies!

Then, in the evening, there was an award ceremony for EU residents who had achieved well in a number of categories. Following that, the Ada Awards began.

Cheryl Miller, founder of the awards spoke about their importance, their beginnings and then proceeded to invite sponsors to the stage to hand out awards for the four categories.

Digital Girl of the Year 10 and under Lauren Boyle, Digital Girl of the Year 11 and over Manon van Hoorebeke, Digital Woman of the Year Esther Roure Vila

and finally

Digital Impact Organisation – us!

We've just won the EU Ada Awards 2014 Digital Impact Organisation of the Year! #yayteam #goStemettes #soshiny #newtablet

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The prize was an impressive looking trophy and a HP Slate 7. We as a team are honoured and proud to have received this and would like to thank our supporters, volunteers and sponsors for being an integral part of the journey so far. We’d also like to thank the Little Stemettes and Student Stemettes for turning up and being such amazing individuals.

Here’s to more Stemettes in the world and a brighter, Stemetter future.

– The Stemettes Team


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