Celeste, 11, attends City Academy and attended one of our ‘STEM in a Day’ school trips at EY in July 2016. She wrote a piece about her experience, including a poem!

We entered the shining tall building, and as we entered, we saw everything so organised and clean, looking as professional as the visit was itself. The staff looked lovely and were too. We had to create our own apps to replace school, to get a taste of what they do at EY. National Grid’s ngLabs were also there on the day and told us about wonderful things they work on – including virtual reality (VR). I got to use a VR headset and loved it so much that when I took it off, I saw that everyone else was already doing other things.

Lost in Virtual Reality at EY

The view was amazing when we ate lunch, and everyone who came on the trip is very lucky to have met such wonderful people and have been to an amazing and astonishing place. The winners for the app won these lovely headphones, and we got some goody bags which I think is great, to show others how lucky I was to visit the EY. I hope them the best of luck with their life-changing hard work. 

EY, a building full of technology, 
With secrets that you will never see, 
We build our apps and discovered a lot, 
And the view was amazing and a really great spot, 
For the perfect work place for the nice staff, 
And with the VR, we had a great laugh, 
I hope the best for the glistering place, 
To have the world’s best discovered case. 

Photos from the workshop are up on our Flickr, and you can enquire about hosting a school trip, or attending one, on schools@stemettes.org . We offer a number of options to schools as part of our Stemettes & Schools programme.

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