Naomi is studying for A-levels in Spalding, Lincolnshire and attended MonsterConfidence Sheffield in 2017. She was one of 5 prize winners invited to spend a day at Veolia’s London plants during March 2018.

Wednesday 14th March marked what would’ve been Einstein’s 139th birthday and pi day therefore it seemed apt that this would be the day on which the winners would visit Veolia. (The day also marked the unfortunate death of Stephen Hawking.)

I was expecting to feel lonely as I didn’t know anyone who was going. On the contrary, I felt at quite home for, once I began to engage in conversation with those around me, I thought to myself ‘these are my people’ as we all had so much in common!

Young women from across the country put on PPE in preparation for a tour at Veolia.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience as we were given the full tour of Veolia and SELCHP as well as participating in a very enthralling brainstorming session where we shared our ideas about how we could promote recycling, use less plastic and generate clean energy. You wouldn’t believe how much unnecessary packaging we use! Of course we had a delicious lunch and the opportunity to speak with the women who worked at the company too. The day was truly interesting as there were winners from Edinburgh, Dublin, Sheffield, and London etc. so we learned a lot. For example, I wasn’t aware of the Green Flag recycling system in Ireland which I really believe we should promote in England. Additionally, it was great to talk to people who were in year 12 like me, but those too who were younger and those who were at university. Overall, it was a very beneficial day out for us all and I am currently writing this with my Veolia mug in hand!

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