This post has been written by Eden, 8 who is at primary school and attended our ‘Stemettes Rise Hack #2‘ event on 22 & 23 August 2018.

I am Eden and I am 8 years old. The first time I did coding was in school when I was 6 years old in Year 1. I used Purple Mash.
At first I thought it was a scrumptious meal, or a beetroot with big feet stomping everywhere! That’s because I like cooking so food is always on my mind.

Talking about food, in the summer holidays I did some gardening and planted some marrow peas, chocolate mint and sage. I ate chilli peppers and cooled my mouth down with cucumbers I picked from the vine. When I was pruning I realised I was holding the ‘stem’ of a leaf and that reminded me of STEMettes.  I learnt about nodes and that they are a part of the stem of the leaf. Nodes are also basic units of a computer or parts of data. So STEMs are everywhere!

After I attended my first Hackathon with the STEMettes using App Inventor, I’ve been doing lots of coding. I have attended Coderdojo and used Scratch and I attended a Lego robotics workshop! Coding is really good and very educational and super fun and great. Only thing is I wish I could code something I could eat.

At the Hackathon event, I was so happy because everyone was so nice. Also, I learnt new stuff all about coding and I made one called “Money popping pig”. So if you go there have a great time!

We had 96 girls (& a few boys) coding with us during the weekend. Overall, they gave it all 8.2 out of 10! 100% expressed improved STEM confidence. 80% had an increased STEM network. 20% had an improved perception of STEM and 60% had increased awareness of STEM options. 80% improved their ability to carry out project work, 100% want to do coding in the future (30% hadn’t done any before, 20% had already done lots). 100% would like to come to a Stemettes event again.


Some feedback quotes:
“The teachers were lovely and really helpful.”
“Teachers and volunteers very helpful. Everyone very friendly and ice breakers were great. My twin daughters are very shy and they instantly felt comfortable. Thank you”
The photos are up on our Flickr:


Thanks to Rise London for partnering with us on this event, and for providing representatives to join our judging panel.

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