On 13 October 2018, we were back at LGIM to host a ‘Meet the Stemettes’ panel event for young women. LGIM, short for Legal & General Investment Management handle money for millions of people across the globe and use maths and technology to keep it safe, invest it and grow it for their customers.

We were joined by a fantastic panel from across STEM:

  • Dame Helena Morrissey – Head of Personal Investing, LGIM
  • Laura Downey – Technical Advisor in Global Health, Imperial College London
  • Maysun Hassanaly – Systems Engineer, Transport Systems Catapult
  • Miranda Lowe – Principal Curator and Museum Scientist, Natural History Museum
  • Shorifa Khanam – Computing curriculum consultant, NPW
  • Emma Jackson – Product Principle, Product Strategy and Development, LGIM
  • Katrina McMillian – Head of Transitions Project Management, LGIM
  • Mystery Man Jon O’Brien – Senior Product Strategy and Development Manager, LGIM

After introducing themselves they then answered lots of questions from our 9 – 13 year old audience. Questions about their favourite school subjects, advice for work experience & GCSE options and also questions about their jobs.

We then enjoyed our lunch kindly provided by LGIM and got to speed network with the panellists and more volunteers from across LGIM. There was a speed networking activity sheet competition (as always) and prizes to close!  It’s all covered in our roundup video:

And of course our twitter:

In terms of impact, we had about 53 in attendance (including parents and guardians).

100% of attendees would like to come to another Stemettes event, and they gave the event an average 9 out of 10. 100% left with improved awareness of STEM careers available. 100% had improved confidence in their STEM abilities. 100% left with an improved network within STEM and 97% left with an improved perception of the STEM world.

From attendees:

“Everyone was really friendly and I’ve learnt quite a lot”
“The teachers are really nice and encouraging”

There’s a lovely Flickr album of the event:

Meet the Stemettes @ LGIM

Thanks very much to LGIM for hosting us, catering for everyone and providing their role models as panellists. We’ll be back with a panel event for London soon, and will return to LGIM for International Women’s Day in March. Click here for tickets to our next LGIM panel and Join our mailing list to be kept up-to-date. If you’d like to host us let Event Stemette know.

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