September 25th was no ordinary Tuesday. The Biscuit Factory in London hosted Stemettes for our very first event with CloudNC! At this panel event, we discussed how start-ups offer maximum impact opportunities. Young women learnt about the many ways to be part of building emerging technologies that are driving industry change across the world and networked with our STEMazing panellists!

Direna attended the event and was so inspired by the night, she reached and sent in blog! Here’s what she had to say:

‘Meet the Stemettes at CloudNC was an amazing evening. I got the chance to network with women studying STEM across other universities, the panel and recruiters, hence building my professional network.  The panellist included people from diverse backgrounds. Hearing their successes (and challenges), made me aware of the opportunities within technology, and how to steer away from pitfalls.  The panel was very inspiring, and it went to show that anyone from any background can get started in STEM. During the speed networking session, we had the opportunity to meet the panel close up, hear more about their story and ask questions. It was certainly an insightful learning experience.  Overall, the event was packed full of motivational stories, humble advices, lots of food and fun.  I’m looking forward to attending the upcoming STEMETTES events.’

Our panel for this event included 7 amazing women in STEM and a mystery man – all from varied backgrounds, working in different STEM sectors, who shared their wisdom and experience with us!

  • Heather Daniell, CEO, Satisfied Snacks
  • Colleen Wong, Founder, My Gator Watch
  • Theo Saville, Co-Founder, CloudNC
  • Rija Javed, Chief Technology Officer, Market Invoice
  • Nupur Grover, Frontend Engineer, FestTicket
  • Lottie Bevan, Co-Founder, The Weather Factory
  • Jillian Kowalchuk, Founder and CEO,Safe & The City
  • Helene Guillaume, Founder, WILD

In terms of impact, we had 31 women (& a couple men) join us. Overall they gave the night 8.62 out of 10! 100% of attendees had increased awareness of STEM options and an increased STEM network. We also had 84% express improved STEM confidence and 77% had an improved perception of STEM!

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Meet the Stemettes @ CloudNC - Sep 2018

Thanks very much to CloudNC for hosting us, catering for everyone and providing their role models as panellists. We’ll be back with a panel event for London soon, and will return to CloudNC, we’re sure. Join our mailing list to be kept up-to-date. If you’d like to host us let Event Stemette know.

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