On June 12th, Stemettes partnered with G-Research to host an exciting STEM Goals day for 32 young women at their London offices. We discussed all the different ways people begin their Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths related careers. The young women also got the chance to learn HTML, create websites and present their ideas.

Our panel consisted of four women and a 'mystery man' who are in the STEM industry:

  • Jacinda Fahey – Head of Project and Programme Management
  • Samantha Rouse – Software Development Manager
  • Jennifer Byrne – COO of G Reserach
  • Emily Adlam - Quantitative Researcher
  • Dexter Lowe - Distributed Systems Engineer

After introducing themselves, the panellists answered plenty of questions from our audience. They were asked about their GCSE options, what first introduced them to STEM and what a usual day looks like for someone working in the STEM industry.

The Hackathon portion of the day began with a tutorial in HTML, the girls then used the rest of the day to create websites focusing on encouraging companies to reduce their CO2 emissions.

In terms of impact...

  • Attendees rated the day 8 out of 10
  • 100% had an increased positive perception of STEM careers
  • 100% had increased their STEM awareness
  • 100% had an increased STEM network
  • 96% had an increased confidence in STEM

You can catch what happened in our video:

Flickr has all the pictures from the day!

Thank you to G-Research for partnering with us for this exciting day! We will be back at G Research this October for a special panel event. To be the first to know once registration opens head to Eventbrite!

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