On July 3rd, Stemettes partnered with Good Energy for the second time! The aim of the day was to give girls from Chippenham an opportunity to interact with women in STEM roles. We taught them new tech skills, and educated both the girls and teachers on the diverse possibilities within STEM.

Our panel consisted of 4 women in the STEM industry:

  • Holly Nolan – Product Owner & Business Analyst
  • Helenna Vaughn-Smith – Product Lead
  • Joanna Edwards – Financial Controller
  • Laura Mackenzie – Forecasting Analyst

STEMettes @  Good Energy
After introducing themselves, panellists were asked a range of questions related to their experiences in the STEM industry.

STEMettes @  Good Energy

Later on, the girls took part in a mini hackathon and were given the challenge of creating an app for Sustainable homes. They created a range of apps, with apps that rewarded sustainable acts, to apps that educational and gave tips on how to live more susatainably.

We ended the day with announcing the winners of the Hackathon and getting goodybags.

In terms of impact...

  • 80% had an increased positive perception of STEM careers
  • 86% had increased their STEM awareness
  • 76% had increased their knowledge of STEM careers
  • 74% had an increased confidence in STEM
  • 100% would like to join us again at another Stemettes event

Flickr has all the pictures from the day!
STEMettes @  Good Energy

Thanks to Good Energy for making this STEMarvelous event possible! To keep up-to-date on our upcoming events, head to Eventbrite!

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