BSc Comp Sci Undergraduate - Becky - GHC19 Trip Winner

Stemettes partnered with Deutsche Bank to enable five UK students to attend the largest gathering of #womeninTech at the Grace Hopper Conference 2019.

Becky, a first-year student of BSc Computer Science, is one of our STEMazing winners from our mentorship programme, Student to Stemette. Her aims for attending were the following:


  • I’m hoping to gain a once in a lifetime experience to be surrounded by successful women and to become extremely motivated in pursuing my career in STEM

  • Gain more knowledge concerning the field of Computing

  • I’d also be looking to build a network with these women and connect and have an amazing time with the other females I would be attending with as well as creating some lifelong friendships

Follow Becky's journey below:

My confidence has increased greatly through attending this Stemettes Trip, due to the amazing sessions and keynotes but mostly by witnessing the sheer volume of women just like myself achieving and excelling in ways I hadn’t even imagined. They all and made a great impact within the tech space. It opened up a door of possibility for me and I am excited to explore my future in technology.

My tech knowledge has increased as I had been opened up to many aspects of tech that I had, prior to GHC, never shown much interest in for example cybersecurity and the capabilities of AI. However, after attending GHC I discovered how AI could make way for better and more inclusive technology.

This trip has motivated me to be more confident and accept my failures and learn from them. It caused a big shift in me as I am now learning to accept that I can do it, I can achieve if I don’t give up! It has also encouraged me to actively explore tech and open myself up to challenges even if I may struggle.

I have seen a massive shift in myself as I am now more optimistic about my future and about what I can achieve. I have struggled with imposter syndrome and the fear of not being enough. However, this GHC experience has helped me accept where I am and what I struggle with and has helped me to seek help and step out of my comfort zone. So rather than worry about not knowing enough, instead I'm actively going out there and seek that knowledge.

My favourite session would definitely have to be an interactive session to do with cybersecurity, where we worked in teams and tried to protect our company and customers from several cyber-attacks. It was interesting to see how difficult it can often be to defend against cyber attacks as well as predict the best ways to defend against them.

I also found the session on 'The Capabilities of VR in Education' very interesting as I found it extremely interesting how VR could make learning more interactive and could transport a student to another country/ environment or simply enhance learning by providing hands-on experience.

Thanks to Deutsche Bank for making this once in life-time experience possible! To keep up-to-date on our upcoming events, head to Eventbrite!

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