Stemettes teamed up with Just Eat on the 23rd October to run a Meet the Stemettes session. Joined by 39 girls, we hosted a panel and speed mentoring session where the girls could explore STEM apprenticeships, A-level choices, university degrees and work experiences. Amazing women in STEM.
Meet Stemettes @ Just Eat © Paparazzi VIP Photography

We were happy to collect such fantastic feedback, where many attendees found the panel their favourite part! One of our girls mentioned ‘I found that talking to the panel was fun and inspiring because I got to talk to women who did amazing jobs with talents that I would like to have’.

  • Attendees rated the event an 8.7 out of 10.  
  • 94% of attendees shared that they would like to come again.  
  • 94% of attendees stated their perception in STEM has improved.  
  • 100% of attendees said their awareness of STEM careers has improved.
Meet Stemettes @ Just Eat © Paparazzi VIP Photography

We were joined by:

  • Miranda Lowe – Principal Curator and Museum Scientist, Natural History Museum.  
  • Ebony Allison – Electronic Engineer at Fox Robotics. 
  • Alice Burton – UCL Division of Infection and Immunity.  
  • Anagha Gupta – A level Maths Student.  
  • Stephanie Zavrou – Global PPC Manager at Just Eat.  
  • Cristina Mas Cano – Delivery Manager at Just Eat.  
  • Ada Shum – Principal Product Manager at Just Eat.  
  • David Williams – Chief Information Officer at Just Eat. 

A massive thank you to our amazing panellists and volunteers for their time. A big thank you to Just Eat for their work on encouraging more girls to pursue STEM careers (and the food of course!).

Congratulations to winners of our quiz who went home with a Google Home Device.

Video highlights of Meet the Stemettes @ Just Eat October 2019.

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