A part of our response to the Covid-19 outbreak, Stemettes is running 12 weeks of online events for our community and the wider public. The full timetable is up on our website, and being updated as we pull the schedule together. Bookmark the page and keep checking back so you don’t miss out. We’re also sending an email out every Friday to let you know what’s happening the following week – sign up for updates here.

Week 1 was Zaha Hadid week!

On Monday, we hosted a session for 60 attendees to follow along with our Stemillions Activity Pack (aka Meal Plan) based on Zaha Hadid. Stemette Jahzara, who wrote this article on Zaha for the Stemettes Zine joined us to talk about her favourite things about Zaha. Then, TeamStemette’s Yasmin led us all in a mathematical origami challenge. It took some time and some patience, but many of our attendees shared their creations with us. Congrats!

On Wednesday, we live streamed Part 1 of our HTML Basics session on Youtube. Head Stemette Anne-Marie was joined by Sherpa Stemette Yasmin and Events Stemette Charlotte to do a Jam Sandwiches exercise, before showing almost 80 attendees the wonders of X-Ray Goggles. We got started in Glitch just before our time was up – by creating simple pages about Zaha Hadid. Thanks to everyone for their patience in this session – the internet connection was not working in our favour.

On Friday, we headed to Instagram Live for an energetic Q&A session with Head Stemette Anne-Marie. She talked about her career journey, starting Stemettes and opportunities to learn online, before answering questions from the audience.

We received some great feedback from our first week of online events:
  • 98% of our attendees stated they want to take part in another Stemettes event
  • 76% of attendees stated an increase in thir knowledge of STEM
  • 240 girls tuned into our online events last week

That’s all for Week 1. Next week’s role model will be Dr Eugenia Cheng – we can’t wait to see you all for those events – sign up is now open!

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