In December, Stemettes and the Department for Transport hosted a two day Christmas event focussed on aerospace and science. It included a panel talk and activities for groups to design a product or business idea relating to aerospace, with the chance to present these ideas on the second day.

The event consisted of three streams: 7 to 11, 12 to 15, and 16 to 18 year olds. Stemettes were joined by 66 participants who rated the overall programme 9.4 out of 10.

I really loved December Explore because it allowed me to be scientifically creative which is always exciting for me! I loved working with other people and seeing what ideas they came up with!!

“From the careers carousel and further research into their roles, I have decided that I would like to become an engineer or a computer scientist. I enjoyed the variety with the roles of each role model and how non-repetitive their workdays are. The Stemettes Society as whole has helped me come to this decision.”

What did participants think?

  • 93% reported that the way they see STEM had improved.
  • 93% reported that their understanding of career options in STEM had improved.
  • 93% reported that their connection to peers and role models in STEM had improved.
  • 97% reported that their confidence in their STEM abilities had improved.
  • 93% reported that what they know about STEM had improved.

Over the two days Stemettes were joined by 16 role models sharing their journeys and advice.

There was a lot of good advice especially the final takeaways at the end. They really helped inspire me to be brave and be confident.

I didn’t know what a glider was and I learnt about how to test a glider and strength

Meeting new people my favourite part was being able to talk to others about ideas and seeing other peoples ideas I enjoyed meeting new people and discovering a new programme to use! I like the ideas from the role models Being able to work together, hear other peoples ideas and combine them”

Take a look at the event here:

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