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Case Study: Lella Violet Halloum

Not many 17-year-olds have a resumé as impressive as Super Stemette Lella Violet Halloum. Having been recognised with the Diana Award, the highest accolade a young changemaker can receive for their social action and humanitarian efforts, Lella has spent the last 18 months striving to diversify the technology industry. She has been helping to create more opportunities for young people, particularly underserved and underrepresented groups, including those with non-traditional academic backgrounds by highlighting the important role young people play in tech and wider society.

Now an A-Level student, Lella joined Stemettes in 2020 and has rapidly gone on to take part in and host several of our programmes and initiatives. She has taken part in the TD Securities Leadership Academy; Stem Mode In, both sprints of Outbox 2020, recently graduated from the STS Sherpee Programme, achieved 98% in her CiscoCybersecurity Certification and participated in the Siemens Energy Sustainable Hack in March earlier this year. She says she first heard about the Stemette Society – with which she is very actively involved –  via our mailing lists & social media channels.

“Being a Stemette has enabled me to learn at a real-time pace and network with like-minded individuals in my ‘dream classroom environment’, at a global scale.”


Lella was also named the youngest 2021 IBM Champion for addressing existing stereotypes surrounding the tech industry by creating real-time opportunities, and bridging the gap between industry and the classroom, all whilst keeping up with her A-Level humanities studies. Lella is a frequent speaker, thought leader, and advocate for young people through her voluntary work.

“Reflecting on what has been an anomalous 18 months, I am proud to have found positivity at an unjust time in an unjust world, and remain determined to continue ​my voluntary work ​to campaign for youth inclusion and equity of access in our digital-first tomorrow to ensure that all young people are supported to make sure they reach their full potential​.”

Beyond the world of tech, Lella enjoys broadening her outlook through travelling, reading, singing virtually in the ‘Stay At Home Choir’ and engaging in political debates.

Lella taking part in IG Live about cybersecurity in July 2021

You can find out more about Lella’s work by visiting lellaviolet.com.

Check out Stemettes’ interview with Lella here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CRlJjIIpYFe/

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