This blog post has been written by Elizabeth and Megan O’Shea, 16 who attended the event, are  Outbox Incubator alumni, and are the founders of Science Rocks. Our event vlog is at the bottom of this post. On Saturday 5th December the Stemettes and Imperial came together for a fantastic day. Girls from all around London came to hear a special panel on ‘Routes into STEM‘. We heard from CEOs, an Outbox executive and a ‘Mystery Man’. After posing some questions about Christmas (I am not sure if you know, but Christmas is coming) we went upstairs and got the opportunity […]

This time last week we were on a coach back from Plymouth, having spent a week participating in the national ‘Young Rewired State’. It’s a yearly hackathon for children (18 years old and younger) where they hack at centres around the UK for a week and then spend the weekend in one venue, pitching their products – based on coding and open data – to judges and each other, for prizes. The Stemettes centre was sponsored by City University and followed our bootcamp sessions earlier this year. We had about 12 girls (and a couple of boys) join us for […]