Saturday 21st June marked the first of many events for Stemettes in Manchester, hosted by Thoughtworks in the impressive City Tower; a breath of fresh air in a beautiful city – great start to everyone’s day! At 2:00pm, we began our Stemettes Panel with a hot bevie and a snack. The panel consisted of six members who let us delve into their experiences of life in the STEM sector; there were five women at differing levels in their STEM journeys and one very insightful young man called Dan. Head Stemette, welcomed everyone to the event, adding info, humour and insight […]

“Wow, free food and drinks” cried the children as they sped through the doors and into Mozilla’s London office in the heart of central London. This was how pretty much every attendee joined us on Saturday for our London Panel, sponsored by Mozilla and Technopop – anyone would think that Stemettes don’t get fed at home!   Thankfully the food didn’t stay at the centre of attention for the whole time. Soon the girls were sitting around on sofas and beanbags, ready to listen to the line up of 7 fantastic women in STEM that we had gathered for them to […]