We always look forward to coming to Newcastle. Possibly because of the lower temperatures; maybe because of the long distance we have to travel; definitely because of how friendly and lovely the people are. This was no different the day of our #thanksAda panel event on Thursday 15th October at the fantastic Campus North. Sponsored by Tech North (who look after tech startups across the North) we brought together a slightly more intimate panel than usual for Toon Army. Campus North is a colourful crowdfunded space for startups and tech companies who want to be based in Newcastle. We found […]

Saturday 21st June marked the first of many events for Stemettes in Manchester, hosted by Thoughtworks in the impressive City Tower; a breath of fresh air in a beautiful city – great start to everyone’s day! At 2:00pm, we began our Stemettes Panel with a hot bevie and a snack. The panel consisted of six members who let us delve into their experiences of life in the STEM sector; there were five women at differing levels in their STEM journeys and one very insightful young man called Dan. Head Stemette, welcomed everyone to the event, adding info, humour and insight […]