Welcome to Cohort 1 of Stemillions for Primary Schools. Below are the first set of 10 Meal Plans you will complete with your club.

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Meal Plans

#003: Emma McGuigan -  Group Technology Officer

After being introduced to Emma and her career as a Group Technology Officer at Accenture, the club members have a choice of activity that will allow them to investigate different areas of technology.

#019: Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock - Space Scientist

Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock is a space scientist and science educator. In this Meal Plan the students will either be using their imaginations to investigating different areas of space or get hands on studying phases of the moon.

#026: Bindi Brooks - Maths Professor

This Meal Plan is all bout Dr Bindi Brooks, a Medical Physics post doctrate. The activities will be looking either at developing the students maths skills or a fun game about the human body.

#031: Roma Agrawal - Structural Engineer

Roma is a Structural Engineer who constructed The Shard, during this Meal Plan students will be looking at different areas of structural engineering with desiginign their own classrooms or getting creative with the construction of The Shard.

#033: Dr Ozak Esu - Electrical Engineer

This Meal Plan fetaures Dr Ozak Esu and her career as an Electrical Enginer, to introduce students to this career they will be looking at static electricity or by recreating a circuit.

#056: Leila Madrone - Mechatronics Engineer

After being introduced to Leila Madrone and her career, the students will be examining the surface of the sun in a yummy project or experimenting with shadows.

#004: Marina Johnson - Analyst for an Invetment Bank

After meeting Marina Johnson and hearing about her route into STEM, the students will complete an activity related to maths and algorithms.

#001: Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon - Mathematician and CEO of Stemettes

After being intorduced to Dr Imafidon, the students will be looking at more insirational women in STEM or having a go at coding their own story.

#063: Shajida Akthar - Software Engineer

This Meal Plan will allow the girls to explore Shajida's career as a Software Engineer by having a go at different types of coding and programming.

#048: Liz Bonnin - Science Presenter

After meeting Liz Bonnin and hearing about her Masters in Wild Animal Biology, the students will complete an activity related to various aspects of animal biology.