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Finance Trustee/Treasurer

About the Finance Trustee role

We are seeking an experienced individual with a finance background to join Stemette Futures as a Trustee. As a Charity Trustee, you will volunteer your time to play a crucial role in advising our organisation on various financial matters. Your expertise will be essential in ensuring the financial sustainability and growth of our charity, allowing us to continue making a positive impact in the community we serve.

Your responsibilities will include supporting the Board to oversee and ensure the appropriate presentation of budgets, accounts, management accounts and financial statements, as well as ensuring the appropriate presentation of accounts and records, ensuring that financial resources are spent in accordance with the Charity’s objectives, good governance, legal and regulatory requirements.

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Applications close on 7th November 2023; we'll begin reviewing applications on 25th September 2023. The start date for this role will be 11th December 2023.

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Main Duties
Supporting the CEO and exec team on financial matters.
Supporting the Board to monitor the financial viability of Stemette Futures.
Advising on the financial implications of Stemette Futures' Strategic Plan eg. giving firm strategic direction to Stemette Futures and evaluating performance against agreed targets.
Ensuring proper investment of the Charity’s funds.
Reviewing the annual accounts and, where applicable, liaising with Stemette Futures’ external accountants to ensure the accounts are compliant with the current Charities’ SORP.
Ensuring close working relationships with the internal audit team and chairing the finance sub-committees of the Board.
Ensuring that sound financial management is maintained and ensuring expenditure is in line with Stemete Futures’ charitable objectives.
Leading on the appointment and liaising with the Auditors.

Desired Qualities: General

✓ Commitment to the charity's mission and willingness to contribute time, expertise, and energy to its growth and success.
✓ Knowledge and understanding of current financial practice relevant to charities and relevant duties under the Charities Act.
✓ Understanding and acceptance of the legal duties and responsibilities of trusteeship.

Desired Qualities: Strategic Leadership

✓ Ability to analyse the environment, and set and prioritise objectives.
✓ Ability to make own views known and make decisions in a group environment in line with strategic objectives.

Desired Qualities: Communication

✓ Ability to listen intently, carefully and objectively.
✓ Ability to convey ideas, information and opinions clearly and concisely including a preparedness to make unpopular recommendations to the Board.

Desired Qualities: Teamwork

✓ Supportive of the Chair, fellow board members and the CEO.
✓ Ability to challenge the views of others appropriately.
✓ Ability to build relationships with a wide range of stakeholders.

Minimum Time Commitment 

Trustees are expected to attend all board meetings either in person or virtually. Board meetings are held four times a year. Our board of trustees meets every three months, for around 2.5 hours, usually mid-week from 17:00.

Outside of this, trustees will need to allow time to do the following; add input into their specific area of expertise, read board papers and prepare for meetings, commit to one annual strategy meeting day which lasts 7.5 hours, aim to attend one social evening (usually organisation birthday or end of year social), and allow one day a year to visit our services in action.

The positions are unpaid; Trustees can claim out-of-pocket expenses incurred for travelling to meetings. The appointment would initially be for a two-year term, which can be renewed for further years. The maximum appointment time of any Trustee will be nine years.

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Applications close on 7th November 2023; we'll begin reviewing applications on 25th September 2023. The start date for this role will be 11th December 2023.

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