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Stemette Futures Junior Board

Volunteers aged 5-11 from the UK and Ireland who ensure the voices of girls, young women and non-binary young people are heard. They work alongside the Stemette Futures charity board to guide and lead the mission to inspire more young women and girls into STEM.


Example tasks for members
Designing merch for the board as well as Stemettes
Designing Tap & Tinker sessions
Deciding content of our programmes
and much more!

How does it work?

  • Junior Board members will aim for 1 hour a month towards the board, 30 mins of which will be taking part in our monthly board meeting.
  • Monthly board meetings will include games, ideation, design work and more.
  • Members will be supported by their parent(s) or guardian(s) throughout the meetings as well as Junior Board work.
  • A yearly in-person meeting will be held for members to meet each other and have fun!
Our Members

Take a look at our current Junior Board members below

Soraya is posing with two peace signs in front of her computer screen. She has two buns in her hair and wears glasses and a blue t shirt.


Hi! I'm Soraya. I love to code games, robots, and websites. However, I'm also very creative and like to draw and paint. In the future, I would like to work for gaming companies such as Nintendo, and code countless video games!

Amelie is smiling and standing against a white door. She is wearing a black and white striped jumper and has her hair tied back.


Hi! I am Amelie! I am passionate about climate change and want to make a difference.


I love STEM and I love meeting new people. I enjoy talking about things and sharing ideas.


I think girls are capable to design our future and we need to show that to the world.


I want to influence girls like me.


I enjoy the creative side as well as coding. I have been learning Python for the last few years and have become a digital leader at school after teaching my class how to programme a micro bit.