A big thank you to you and the Yondr Women in Tech event for your contribution to our work inspiring the next generation.

We’ll be putting it to good use on our new Academy qualifications programme and online platforms for inspirational content: The Stemette Society and the Stemettes Zine. 

The contribution was a great step. If you’d like to take another step and give some time here are a few things you can do next:

  1. Write a letter to your teenage self.
    What would you write in a letter to your teenage (or much younger) self? What do you wish you knew at 14 years old?
    Send yours to us at team@stemettes.org and we’ll pass it onto our young women. Have a look at Karen’s letter here.

  2. Sign up to volunteer at an upcoming hack, panel or on our mentoring programme.
    We’re on the lookout for mentors, hack mentors, judges and panellists for our events. Take a look at upcoming ones on our Eventbrite listing and sign yourself up as a ‘Stemette Supporter’ or join our volunteers list.

Thanks again, from TeamStemette