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Stemillions Help Guide for Young Women & Young Non-binary People

We’ve compiled our most frequently asked questions into one little page to help you. If your question isn’t answered here, you can email it to lucy@stemettefutures.org.


What Does a Stemillions Club Look Like?
A Stemillions club is a 30 minute club at either lunch time or after school run by you. We will provide you with a 'Meal Plan' which is a set of fun STEM activities focused around a female STEM role model. These activities will allow you to MAKE and EXPLORE different areas of STEM. You will be able to share your creations, knowledge and experience with other clubs to help 'pass it forward' and inspire others into STEM. Stemillions will allow you to meet like-minded people from within your school and across the world with our MightyNetworks forum. It's a chance to get together, listen to music, eat some snacks and have fun doing STEM! You will build on your Perception, Awareness, Network, Confidence and Knowledge in STEM.
Who Runs Stemillions?
The answer is ...you! This club has been designed specifically for you to run with your friends (of all genders), with the help and support of Stemettes HQ. The club lead/Chief Stemillions Officer needs to be a girl or non-binary student aged 13 or over.
What Are Meal Plans and How Do They Work?
Once the Chief Stemillions Officer has access to the first set of 10 Meal Plans, they can work through these activities at their own pace. These activities have been designed to only use equipment and materials found in the classroom. At the end of each Meal Plan a feedback needs to be completed before you can move on to the next Meal Plan. If we see photo's of an assembly or a wall display we can send some extra Stemette goodies for all your hard work.
How Is the Club Organised?
The Club is a team and so should make decisions by consensus, taking votes where necessary. There are two roles required per Club. Remember everyone in the Club is equally valuable to the Club’s success and something that is “wrong” at first glance can lead to new ways of looking at things. Chief Stemillions Officer (CSO)- you will need one club member to read the Meal Plan before the session and lead the club in following the Meal Plan. Chief Data Officer - you will need one club member to take the register each week (of the OtotheB usernames of those in attendance) and submit any items to Stemettes HQ as per the Meal Plan ‘Dessert’ section. A club consists of at least 2 people at the start, which should at least double each term. We recommend up to a maximum of 16 people per club. Your school may request an additional club if more than 16 wish to participate.
What Are the Awards?
As clubs complete each set of 10 Meal Plans, they will be sent printable certificates.
What Do I Need to Set Up a Club?
Your club will need the following: Access to a space for meeting, which has Wi-Fi/Internet Access a Screen Audio capabilities Eating is permitted Pens & Paper A weekly regular slot of at least 30 minutes, during lunchtime or afterschool The support of a teacher or responsible adult, who can supervise in case of emergency Access to the Stemette Society (apply for an account on bit.ly/stemettesociety) A designated club lead who is a young person (aged 13 or above), this is the clubs ‘Chief Stemillions Officer.
What Next?
To sign up for a Stemillions club, your Chief Stemillions Officer needs to have an account on the Stemette Society. Sign up at bit.ly/stemettesociety, this form will need to be done by the proposed Chief Stemillions Officer. During their introductory call, we can get them set up to run a Stemillions club. Or they can request to join the Stemillions space at any time.

I enjoyed everything! Especially using the tomatoes to make the phases of the moon!

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