FAQs for Sherpas

Firstly, complete our online application form which can be found at the bottom of the Sherpa page on our website. We will then be in touch with you via email with an Eventbrite invitation to your Cohort Matching Evening.

The best way is at a matching evening, both Sherpas and Sherpees get a scorecard where they can mark each other out of 5 after they have spoken with each other during the speed-networking session. We only match you if you have both given each other a score of 3 or more. Personality and life skills are the most important. The subject (Science, Tech, Engineering, Maths) comes second when matching.

Applications open 2 months before the Cohort Matching Evening.

After you have been invited to your Cohort Matching Evening we share an online application for you to complete a DBS or region equivilant check. These checks and the matching process can take up to 4 weeks.

Please get in touch via email with the programme lead - yasmin@stemettes.org.

We will arrange a call to go through our exit interview and if suitable we will re-match you both with a more suitable match. Being re-matched can take up to 2 weeks from receiving your initial email.

We ask that you send them a text message and try to call them, as students are not yet full-time professionals and are not on their emails very regularly. If they are not responding to all three types of communication within 3 days, email the programme lead. We reach out to the student an give them one chance to improve. Strong regular communication is key to the success of this programme, if they are not following the communication guidance, we remove that student from the programme and offer them different support. There is a long waiting list for this programme so if you are happy we will rematch you with a different student.

You meet-up roughly once every 2 weeks for 1 hour. Over the 4 months experience, this is around 8 hours of mentorship.

We suggest you do keep notes so you can recall previous meet-ups and plan for the follow-up meet-up. We do not ask for the notes, but it might help with the review surveys in the middle and end of the programme. The survey helps us understand your success and how your STS journey is going.

Please get in touch straight away via email with the programme lead - yasmin@stemettes.org

We do not cover all travel costs. If the distance is too far, you don't have to meet up for every meeting you can complete half face-to-face and half over phone or Skype.
We can cover costs for the student to reach your office for the shadow-day and for the first meet-up.

You are there to help them more with developing their life skills and expanding their network. You can help connect them with people in their STEM interest.

We will arrange a call with you to introduce you to the programme and answer any questions you may have. We will match you with a Sherpee based on your online application.

Building on their life-skills such as; self-confidence, problem-solving, finding their own opportunities by reaching out to companies and individuals in their network, building their network, interview techniques, goal-setting, time-management, stress management and public speaking.

Applications open 2 months before the Cohort Matching Evening.

After you have been invited to your Cohort Matching Evening we share an online application for you to complete a DBS or region equivilant check. These checks and the matching process can take up to 4 weeks.

What support/guidance do I receive as a Sherpa?

Sherpas receive a Sherpa Handbook which includes the following; dos and don'ts, STS safeguarding process, cohort timeline guide, example agenda for a work-shadow afternoon, where to look for an event to attend together so they can practice their networking skills, request to promote your involvement with the programme on your LinkedIn.

Introduction Call - Training call to guide you into mentoring a student.

You also gain access to our online meet-up guide resources. These have been developed to support you for every meet-up with your Sherpee. They contain activities and provide some structure for your meet-ups. You don't have to use these, they are just there if you need.

Regular email support to remind you of the timeline guide check in with progress.

Programme lead phone support. You can arrange regular calls with our programme lead if you need to. The invitation for these calls is included in your regular emails.

Email the programme lead - yasmin@stemettes.org. We'll complete an exit interview with you and remove you from the programme.

It happens, just set a reminder in your calendar so you definitely remember to take it next time. We ask that you and your Sherpee share moments on your social and tag @stemettes so we can promote the success of the programme.

This is completely up to you. Many Sherpas do both.

They can share their LinkedIn and email, we ask that they do not share their social handles or mobile phone number.

Cohorts are based around regions. We aim to ensure that travel to meet-ups is under an hour.

If you are able to that is great. Otherwise, it is your role to help them reach out and find companies to host them. We provide support for summer placements too which we share with Sherpees in the Stemette Society.

Ask them to contact the programme lead - yasmin@stemettes.org

Also, they can contact the programme lead and other cohort Sherpees in the Stemette Society.

There is a meet-up guide based on this. Please check this out and also remember Google is your friend. You could also ask your network for some advice and their top tips.