FAQs for Sherpees

Sign-up to be in the Stemette Society.

Within the Stemette Society, you will be able to find all the information about Student to Stemette programme and be the first to be notified when the applications go live.

An online application.

Matching Evening - Speed Networking

Online match sent via your email.

The cost of your mentorship is covered by the sponsor of the programme, if you are unable to cover your travel costs, we recommend doing most of your meet-ups via Skype and phone and request travel reimbursement for the following; events that you attend with your Sherpa, the shadow day at their office, Graduation Evening. You are matched with a Sherpa from the same region, within an hours distance, this is why we expect you to be able to cover your travel.

The programme lasts for 4 months. Then you can both choose to stay in touch or to part ways after the 4 months. Most STS matches stay connected outside of the programme.

Respect others in the Stemette Society

Value and respect your Sherpas time and efforts as they are volunteering their time for you.

Remember to take selfies with your Sherpa when you meet-up.

Complete feedback surveys after your meet-ups.

Regular communication with your Sherpa.

Have positive energy and enthusiasm in the programme as the more you put in the more you will get out.

Be an active member in the Stemette Society and share your learnings.

It happens, just set a reminder in your calendar so you definitely remember to take it next time. We ask that you and your Sherpa share moments on your social and tag @stemettes so we can promote the success of the programme and share in Stemette Society.

Email the programme lead - yasmin@stemettes.org. We complete an exit interview with you and remove you from the programme.

Please stick between the hours of 9am and 6pm unless you have agreed otherwise with your Sherpa. You can use email or text message, you can also use Whatsapp if previously agreed.

Yes, you and your Sherpa will contact companies and reach out to people on LinkedIn and research opportunities. Your Sherpa will then help you apply for these experiences.

Please notify the programme lead, you will be able to continue the programme with online meet-ups. The programme lead will help you manage this.

The competition is live from your 7th meet-up with your Sherpa and it will be live in the Stemette Society. It is an online application asking you to share your STS journey. There will also be a video diary entry which you can complete with your Sherpa.

Please get in touch straight away via email with the programme lead - yasmin@stemettes.org

Applications open 2 months before the Matching Evening. Once you've attended the Matching Evening, the process can take up to 4 weeks.

If you can't make the evening where you meet all the Sherpas will we match you via your online application and complete an onboarding call with you to explain the programme in more detail.

The best way is at a matching evening, both Sherpees and Sherpas get a scorecard where they can mark each other out of 5 after they have spoken with each other during the speed-networking session. We only match you if you have both given each other a score of 3 or more. Personality and life skills are the most important. The subject (Science, Tech, Engineering, Maths) comes second when matching. This is because your Sherpa is helping you build up your life skills and support you to build up your network, to do this they need to get along with you not necessarily be in the field you want to go into. Your work experience will be based on the subject you are interested in.

You get sent a Sherpee Handbook to explain and guide you through the programme.

You are put into your cohort space on Stemette Society.

You receive regular email support from the programme lead - yasmin@stemettes.org

You can request phone support when needed from the programme lead.

Please get in touch via email with the programme lead - yasmin@stemettes.org. We will arrange a call to go through our exit interview and if suitable we will re-match you both with a more suitable match. Being re-matched can take up to 2 weeks from receiving your initial email.

You meet-up roughly once every 2 weeks for 1 hour. Over the 4 months experience, this is a minimum of 8 hours of mentorship.

Your Sherpa is there to help you with developing your life skills and expanding your network. They can help connect you with people in the STEM field you are interested in and support you to reach out and find work placement opportunities.

You meet-up at public spaces, either your Sherpas office or cafes or museums, etc.

DO NOT meet at each other homes.

If you have sent them an email and a text message and tried to call them and they have not responded to you within 3 days. Please email the programme lead - yasmin@stemettes.org

Start in a professional formal way. Then the tone will be set after your first meeting together. A mentor should be shown respect but also you will be getting to know each other as two equals and every mentorship is different. You should wear whatever makes you feel comfortable, without making others around you uncomfortable (smart-casual).

All expenses paid trip to the States.

Please check out the Sherpee page on this website.