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Volunteering Positions

All Genders Volunteering
Help with mock interviewsGive our participants a taste of what interviews are like, then give them some feedback on the situation. Email Kat@stemettefutures.org for upcoming opportunities.
Speed MentoringMeet young women and young non-binary people in Stemettes network and share your experience and career journey with them, whilst offering advice. Email kat@stemettefutures.org for upcoming opportunities.
Event VolunteerSign up as a Stemette supporter at an upcoming avent. You'll be a role model and either help our little Stemettes create something, or sharing part of your STEM journey with them.
Follow us and spread the wordWe are active across a number of social media platforms, providing inspirational content and updates that are easy for you to share with others. Follow us to help amplify the work we're doing and allow others to benefit from our programmes, events and content.
Support charity Stemette Futures with your Amazon ShoppingIf you ever shop on Amazon, have a look at our Amazon Smile for charity Stemette Futures. They donate 0.5% of the net purchase price (excluding VAT, returns and shipping fees) of eligible purchases to Stemette Futures to work to 3 Stemette ambitions.
Create an activity pack for our clubsSubmit a role model video as well as two 15 minute activities and we'll wrap it up into an Activity pack for our Stemillions group to go through. Email it to team@stemettes.org
Mentor a young woman running a clubSupport a young woman or young non-binary person as they lead their own Stemillions club. Keep her motivated adhoc and give her ideas for exciting others about STEM.
Women (and those who identify as such or non-binary) only
Become a mentorStudent to Stemette for young women and young non-binary people aged 15+ across London and Birmingham. You'll work together for 4 months towards a personalised goal for your Mentee.
Make a profile videoCreate a 3 minute video about yourself and your STEM career for our clubs.
Write a letter to your teenage selfWrite a letter to your teenage (or younger) self including what you wish you knew at 14 years old. Then send to us at team@stemettes.org.