• In the UK, currently only 17% of jobs in the technology sector are held by women
  • 30% of the best paid jobs for a woman are in tech
  • 47% of women in technology believe they have to act like a man to get ahead.
  • 84% of women working in tech said more need to be done to encourage those on maternity leave to return
  • 26% of women surveyed by Women in Technology and Intellect had made it to senior management or Board level, despite 61 having 10 years or more in the secotr
  • 17% of engineering students at UK universities were female in 2010-2011. research shows only 6% of professional engineers  are women. Only 8.7% of professional engineers in the UK are female.
  • The UKRC says that two thirds of female science graduates don’t work in jobs requiring the qualification

(Source: Facts from Business in the Community Factsheet)


13% of the UK’s STEM workforce are female

(Source: WISE Report)

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