Youth Board

Volunteers aged 13-25 from the UK and Ireland who will ensure the voices of young women and girls are heard. They will work alongside the Stemette Futures charity board to guide and lead the mission to inspire more young women and girls into STEM.

Missions and Aims


As a member of the Stemette Futures Youth Board you will act as an ambassador, safeguarding the positive name of the charity at networking opportunities and other potential events. All members will have a willingness to devote time and effort to their role and accept the responsibilities and liabilities of their role. They need to show a commitment to Stemette Futures and its objectives.

All members need to...

  • Be motivated and enthusiastic about the mission
  • Have strong organisational skills
  • Have a strategic vision
  • Think creatively
  • Be proactive and independent in judgements

Young people are at the core of our organisation, so their voices need to be heard. Stemette Futures aims to inspire the next generation of girls and young women into Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) fields through amazing female STEM role models, panel events, hackathons, exhibitions and mentoring schemes.

We need you to serve on the board for 9-12 months starting in January 2020. On average, this commitment will be 3 hours a month, excluding any meetings. Whilst on the board, you will be expected to attend two compulsory face-to-face meetings in London (expenses covered) and a minimum of 2 virtual meetings during academic holidays.

Code of Conduct


Everyone has a unique perspective and so we respect everyone's opinion and every idea is discussed amongst the board.


We want to empower more girls with an interest in STEM and give them the tools and resources they need to succeed.


We value the inclusion of all, by working with young people from all backgrounds, cultures and ages to ensure a rich mix.

The Roles

There are 6 different roles on this youth board, find out more about each of the roles and apply below.
Take a look at the application questions before applying.

Govern and oversee the direction of the youth board with an inclusive leadership style. Ensure all members fulfil their role and understand the organisation's mission and vision. You will ensure all members and meetings are compliant with the code of conduct agreed at the start of the term. The Chairperson will challenge the strategy and actions of the charity board to maintain the youth board's function within the organisation.
Regional Consultant
One Regional Consultant will be elected for each region in the UK and Ireland. They are responsible for forming strategies to increase the number of girls and young women in STEM in their designated region and looking for common themes across all regions to help guide the charity boards actions. Help with promotion of our mission and services to the designated region.
Fundraiser Consultant
Contribute actively to the youth board to guide fundraising strategies and participate in fundraising activities. They will develop and help to deliver a range of fundraising activities. Give strategic direction to the charity board, setting overall goals and targets and evaluating performance against agreed targets. Support specific fundraising activities with a particular focus on increasing the awareness of girls and young women in STEM.

Assumes the duties of the Chairperson during their absence and supports the Chairperson when required. Before meetings, they are responsible for preparing the agenda and sharing this with all members. During meetings, they will take minutes and share these with all board members. The Vice-Chair will prepare the annual report summarising the developments, progress and activities of the Youth Board throughout the year.

Social Media Consultant

Develop strategies for our social media platforms to reach more young people with our message and increase our social media engagement across all platforms. Promote and showcase our work through all popular social media's and develop successful social media strategies and campaigns which support future programmes and target specific age groups.

Financial Consultant

Monitoring the budget allocated to the youth board and refunding any outstanding payments from Youth Board members. Oversee the ongoing process of budget development, approving all expenses the board makes and provide a review of all expenditure at the end of the year. Work closely with the Fund Raising Consultant to accurately estimate the cost and budget needed for their suggested fundraising strategies to further guide fundraising strategies.