If you’ve ever wanted to start coding or are a professional, you can definitely follow these top tips to easily make you into a better programmer.

Writing Useful Comments

Commenting can go one of two ways, one where you don’t understand what it means and two, the useful ones that make it easier for you to pick it up even if you’ve left the code for a couple of days.

You want small, meaningful comments that describe what that part of code does rather than paragraphs that don’t explain the code well. Once you get to writing your thousand-line scripts you will thank me!

 Remember: keep all comments up to date so you know what to fix. Learn Coding: Top Tips on How to Start Coding

Good Variable Names

Whether you are coding by yourself or coding with a team, useful variable names can be extremely helpful. By having good variable names, you can almost get a better grasp at what you are coding which will put you miles ahead into becoming a better programmer! 

Try: camelCase or underscores


It’s so easy to write bad code, but once you have a personalised style to your code, you will easily become a better programmer. There are so many formatting styles that you couldn’t possibly do them all so try some and see what fits. 

Try: Indentations and camelCase

Make mistakes and the most important tip of being a better programmer: KEEP LEARNING

Even though you want to succeed, you will learn something when you fail. As a programmer, you might hear that a lot, but it is genuinely true and then you are less likely to make the same mistakes. 

Learning from your mistakes can allow you to broaden your mindset and expand how to improve your project and yourself.

Overall keep coding, learning and you’ll get there! freeCodeCamp: 10 tips for success when you’re learning to code

This piece was written by Stemette, Manasi Mehta on work experience at Stemettes.

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