In our busy and technology focussed lives it is becoming more important for the next generation of school leavers to have an understanding of code.

Nearly all industries today have an element of technology to them, whether that be their administration apps to manage staff, their tools they use to hire people, or their products.

The choice of language isn’t as important as what it enables you to do- you could learn Python, JavaScript, C#, or any other language. Much like how we teach a certain level of maths to all students, our modern world requires us to teach programming too.

Python is a good language for beginners because it is easy to read and there is plenty of documentation, online lessons. It also has a great community, including a women-led community. Codecademy is a great resource for learning to code with plenty of different paths to choose, I wrote my first-ever line of code using Codecademy in 2014 and fell in love with it.

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Python is a good place to start if you think you’d like to work in the technology industry and will introduce you to the broad options available. If you are more interested in designing and developing user interfaces, websites, or apps then JavaScript may be more suitable. Don’t worry about picking the right language for you straight away, if you enjoy coding you’ll always be able to pick up a new language.

I’ll leave you with a list of things you can do with Python (and other languages of course), you can read more here:

● Data science
● Scientific and mathematical computing
● Web development
● Finance and trading
● System automation and administration
● Computer graphics
● Basic game development
● Security and penetration testing
● General and application-specific scripting
● Mapping and geography (GIS software)

Without women we wouldn’t have put man on the moon, what will you do?

This piece was written by Amelia from OVO Smart Home.

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