Knowledge is power! That's why we've created a list of book recommendations, for all ages. Take a look at what we recommend for your age group.

Under 12’s

How to be a Maths Whizz – Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon MBE

With more than 30 activities and crafts that children can play their way through, this kids’ book takes the fear away from maths. This book invites you to investigate maths in a playful and hands-on way, using things from around your home: find out about 3D shapes by designing and building your own city, learn about measurement by growing your own plant, and uncover the mystery of coordinates through drawing your own treasure map. If you like solving problems, making things, and learning facts, then this is the book for you, mathematician!

Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls – Elena Favilli & Francesca Cavallo

An inspiring collection of potted lives of strong women, from iconic world leaders to little-known pioneers, Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls presents an alternate history of progress and achievement. Adorned with vibrant, imaginative illustrations from a range of female artists, this is required reading for all those keen to make a difference.

Rosie Revere’s Big Project Book for Bold Engineers – Andrea Beaty

Embark on an adventure of personal creativity and invention with fan favourite Rosie Revere! This activity book features art from the picture book Rosie Revere, Engineer and will inspire young readers with activities of all kinds. Kids will have the chance to design a better bicycle, build a simple catapult, construct a solar oven, and more! This empowering activity book will teach problem-solving and creative-thinking skills crucial to STEM fields while also providing opportunities for its readers to try new things and, sometimes, to fail. 

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12-15 Year Olds

Hello World: How to be Human in the Age of the Machine – Hannah Fry

Hannah Fry takes us on a tour of the good, the bad and the downright ugly of the algorithms that surround us. In Hello World she lifts the lid on their inner workings, demonstrates their power, exposes their limitations, and examines whether they really are an improvement on the humans they are replacing.

Built: The Hidden Stories Behind Our Structures – Roma Agrawal

In this book, Roma Agrawal, the engineer behind the Shard, uncovers the astonishing science behind her profession. Each of the eight chapters will tackle a great engineering challenge—how we keep a building from falling down or how a bridge is built to span vast distances—explaining solutions from modern times, while reaching back to the Romans and other ancient cultures who developed techniques still used today. Interweaving science, history, illustrations, and personal stories, Built offers a fascinating window into a subject that makes up the foundation of our everyday lives.

Nevertheless, She Persisted – Pratima Rao Gluckman

Pratima Rao Gluckman—a female leader in tech herself—embarked on a project to collect stories of the leadership journeys of such women. She wanted to know the details of these women’s stories, and how they accomplished their achievements. What influenced them during their childhoods? Who were their mentors? What successes and failures did they experience? What magical ingredients helped them thrive in a male‑dominated industry?

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Beyond 16

Slay in Your Lane – Yomi Adegoke and Elizabeth

Packed with real-life stories and interviews with dozens of iconic black women, this is an essential volume designed to inspire a generation of women of colour to succeed in everything, from work to internet dating.

From education to work to dating, this inspirational, honest and provocative book recognises and celebrates the strides black women have already made, while providing practical advice for those who want to do the same and forge a better, visible future.

Invisible Women – Caroline Criado Perez

Caroline Criado Perez’s eye-opening book provides a startling perspective on the unseen bias at work in our everyday lives. Marshalling a wealth of data with precision and insight, as the Timesaffirms, ‘Invisible Women is a game-changer; an uncompromising blitz of facts, sad, mad, bad and funny, making an unanswerable case and doing so brilliantly.’

Inferior – Angela Saini

From intelligence to emotion, for centuries science has told us that men and women are fundamentally different. But this is not the whole story. Shedding light on controversial research and investigating the ferocious gender wars in biology, psychology and anthropology, Angela Saini takes readers on an eye-opening journey to uncover how women are being rediscovered.

She explores what these revelations mean for us as individuals and as a society, revealing an alternative view of science in which women are included, rather than excluded.

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