On 13th June I had the Amazing opportunity to go to the #StartUpGrind conference at Methodist Central Hall Westminster.

I was blessed to have won 2/3 tickets with STEMETTES, an organisation which encourages young girls Just like me to take part in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, due to the lack of girls taking these subjects in the workplace and in higher education.

In order to win the tickets, I had to enter a competition via The STEMETTES OtotheB app and develop an idea for a future AR robots function that would be useful for us in the future.

When I knew that I had to develop an idea in order to win the tickets I immediately clicked on the apply button because I knew that this competition would give me the opportunity to really engage with my creative and expressive side and develop it into an idea.

When I received a congratulations email from STEMETTES I was ecstatic and couldn’t wait to attend the event and start networking with big investors such as Google and founders of large scale businesses such as Trust Pilot and gain some inspiration and insight into what starting my business would be like in the future; I was mind blown.

I attended the conference with my mum and it was truly a day to remember! I talked to various Start Up businesses who introduced me to the growing world of Technology and the ever growing need for new ideas in such a large 6 market. The day consisted of several lectures throughout the day including “How to pitch to a future investor” and several Q&A sessions.

I attended a Q&A session with Lillian Li, Head of DiversityVi and I raised my hand to ask what could businesses do to encourage young girls like me into starting their own businesses and also how could businesses support underrepresented groups in order to make the market more ethnically diverse. After the Q&A had finished I received lots of praise and encouragement from fellow start-ups and future investors as they were shocked at my young age and boldness! A young lady that was watching the Q&A Tweeted me on Twitter and I was Retweeted by The Head of Stemettes, Anne Marie, who is on Twitter she said she was very proud of me! Wow!

Overall I feel so humbled and blessed to have been given this opportunity to discover a new field in STEM and I have developed a new passion as a result of attending this conference in Business; I have learned so much and will never forget this experience. I am the ‘Future Generation’ and there is an ever increasing demand for girls like me to go into STEM careers!

We can do it!

This piece has been written by Stemette Jahzara

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