Do you know about the different STEM careers in the Navy?

Did you know that if you have a career in the Merchant Navy you could be a Chief Engineer by the age of 30? 

Women have been serving on commercial vessels since the early 1900s. As the demand of world trade has increased, so has the number of women working at sea.  

What is it like working at sea? 

Kelly and Sarah are both Deck Cadets and Sacha is a Electro-Technical Cadet. This video shows Cadets talking about why they choose careers at sea.


What can you do? 

You could train as Cadet to become a Navigation (Deck) OfficerEngineering Officer or Electro-Technical Officer. You could end up being in charge of operating a range of ships in different trades (think oil tankers, container ships, passenger ferries, cruise ships). There are also a range of apprenticeships, known as Ratings, on offer. 

What can you study and train? 

There are 10 colleges and universities in the UK where you can begin your maritime career. It’s common to get sponsored training, which lasts about 3 years. You could gain a professional seafaring qualification, as well as degree, professional diploma, HNC or HND qualifications. 

So… what’s not to like? 

  • You get to work on high tech vessels with state of the art equipment 
  • You get the opportunity to travel the world 
  • Have holidays up to two months at a time

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Meet Coastal Engineer, Katy Toms.

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