Beyond 16 Takeaway: Mentorship

For this takeaway menu, you can find our selection of advice we wish we would have known sooner. From navigating PhDs to balancing work life, this takeaway will answer your questions.
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PhD and Funding IG Live | Stemettes Zine

PhD and Funding IG Live

60 Minutes

For this IG Live from the 29th of May, Stemettes were joined by Dr Sophie Arthur and Alexandria Sterling, who talk us through different aspects of further education, such as getting funding as a science student, and understanding PhDs.

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Introduction To Agile

60 Minutes

In this IG live originally filmed on June 12, we were joined by fascinating Pharma role models including Kayisha Payne- a STEMazing process development scientist. Our role models explore Black Lives Matter and give career advice.

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Meet Suzie Imber

5 Minutes

In this Zine article from the 2nd of November 2020, meet Dr Suzie Imber and learn about her career as a Planetary Scientist

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