Primary Takeaway: Senses

We’ve added our favourite Stemettes content which will help you to use some of your senses in a STEMtastic way. Get ready to taste, touch and see STEM!
That’s all folks!

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Taste - Pizza Making

47 Minutes

In this session from 17th August 2020, Have a go at making a tasty pizza with Team Stemette Julia, choose your own toppings!

You will need:
• Pizza tray
• Oven
• Tomato sauce
• Flour
• Water
• A bowl
• Toppings of your choice!

Watch Here

Touch - Oobleck

60 Minutes

In this session originally filmed on the 3rd February 2022, meet Dr Clare Eluka, from Premae skincare, and try your hand at making Oobleck.

You will need:
• 200g cornstarch
• Water
• Pink marshmallows
• White marshmallows
• Cocktail sticks

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See - Chemical Reactions

54 Minutes

For this session originally recorded on the 29th March 2021, meet Alexandria and create your own chemical reaction with red cabbage.

You will need:
• Red cabbage
• A blender
• Water
• Vinegar
• Laundry detergent
• Adult supervision
• Pens
• Paper
• Computer/Laptop

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