28 Sep 2023

Fashion Week Favourites


Debuting their first ready-to-wear collection in 2021 which included a digital dress available via Snapchat, Auroboros is a fashion house where technology and fashion combine. Within their physical and digital collections, there is inspiration taken from the natural world – specifically – biomimicry (nature-inspired innovation). We can see this in the outfits, with many patterns, textures and shapes replicated from plants, flowers and animals, all created with Augmented Reality and 3D scanning. We chose Auroboros for bringing technology to the fashion world.


Collina Strada

Threading nature, technology and sustainability, Collina Strada unveiled their Spring 2023 collection inside a butterfly sanctuary filled with Milkweed (the only plant monarch butterflies will eat as a caterpillar) to encourage biodiversity. Here, they displayed many sustainable items including upcycled knitwear, zero-waste (and 3D printed!) jeans and boots made from apples as well as digital outfits ready for the metaverse. Collina Strada is our pick for combining sustainability and the natural world with Fashion and tech.


Nolcha Shows

Unlike the others on this list, Nolcha isn’t a fashion house at all. Instead, it is a company responsible for creating web.3 events! During New York Fashion Week 2023, Nolcha could be seen working with fashion brands to showcase AI-generated collections, digital wearables, fashion games, avatars and more. They’re building bridges between fashion, Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 for a more technological future.

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