Charity 1188774: Stemette Futures

What is our next step, after 8 years?

More than 50,000 young people have had Stemette experiences since February 2013. We’re excited to launch a charity working on 3 new Stemette ambitions.


An attendee wearing a VR Headset at a Stemettes event.


We’re taking Stemettes events to ‘STEM Cold Spots’ across the country, where STEM uptake is low.

A Stemettes attendee smiling with a certificate surrounded by three other people.


We’re providing young people with recognised qualifications they can take into adulthood, for free.

A Speaker holding a microphone at a Stemettes event


Sharing high-quality resources with 4 communities: Parents/Guardians, Teachers, Alumni and Volunteers.

Our Trustees
Elda KalbianChair
Ghislaine BoddingtonTrustee
Dr Nike Folayan MBETrustee
Tibor Gold MBETrustee
Floriane Fidegnon-EdohTrustee
Selina PavanTrustee
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Stemette Futures work alongside nonprofit Stemettes to inspire, support and encourage girls and non-binary young people into technical fields. Across our programmes, events and platforms we’re showing that Girls do STEM too, in a free, fun-filled & food-filled way.

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I want to say how wonderful it was talking to such young and aspiring women who hope for a career in stem based work.

2021 Events Volunteer

It is reassuring to know that it’s fine to try things out and have a go, and not be scared to move on. My mentor encouraged me to look for alternative routes, and I have been offered my own degree apprenticeship

Associates Mentee, 18, North East England

I really I like the learning part and getting to speak to professionals in the networking sessions!

Explore 2020 Academy Attendee

I’ve learnt how important women are as part of STEM. I also learnt that women can be powerful in STEM

Belfast Attendee
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