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Are you a young woman or non-binary person aged 5–25? Come along to our free, fun, and food-filled events! We’ve got all you need through hackathons, panels, certification academies, and more to get your STEAM career on track.

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I’ve learnt how important women are as part of STEM. I also learnt that women can be powerful in STEM.

Stemettes Attendee

I really like the learning part and getting to speak to professionals in the networking sessions!

Stemettes Explore Attendee

I enjoyed meeting the STEM role models and meeting new people.

Stemettes Explore Attendee

I enjoyed learning about role models, making new friends, taking part in activities, and sharing my work.

Stemettes Explore Attendee

I was lucky enough to be part of the original Outbox Incubator cohort… I was very inspired by the Outbox experience and the Stemettes in general.

Stemettes Outbox Attendee
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