4 Mar 2024

Meet Stephanie Perche

Meet Stephanie

Hey, I’m Stephanie. I’m a part of the Marketing & Sales Digital Transformation team at Lenovo.

My key responsibilities as Marketing Director are to deliver best-in-class marketing tools for our marketers and Lenovo sellers and to implement a consistent customer experience journey promoting Lenovo.

Outside work, I enjoy travelling, running, and practising yoga.  Catching up with family and friends is equally important.


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Growing Up

While living in Scotland for many years, I grew up in a tiny, lovely village in Normandy France. I am the youngest of 3 siblings and I am fortunate to have grown up in a loving environment with my parents, brother, and sister.

In early life, it was clear to me that I was very lucky with my upbringing surrounded by a supportive family and never took it for granted. I am sure it is from this lucky foundation that I have always wanted to play my part in supporting others.



I am an example that you do not need to be top of your class to get a master’s degree in law. Education is pivotal, it is an opportunity not only to learn but to explore subjects you would not think existed.

It does not mean school is the only way to learn and / or having a degree is the ultimate way to succeed in your life.

I always say to young pupils I meet at career events it is OK not to know what you want to do after school. The key is to be curious and grab any opportunity to connect with people and ask questions about the work people do. Do not think you cannot do it until you try, do not limit yourself.

When I was in high school, I did not know what I wanted to do. It was easier to ask me what I did not want to do! If someone had told me I would have lived in Scotland, Slovakia and China I would not have believed them even if travelling was always important to me.

Since I was unsure of my career path, I decided to study Law, an area touching all aspects of our lives.

I have finished my legal studies in Scotland and from there I embarked on a different path…..



While studying law, I knew it would not be the field I would work. I love what I have learnt from my legal study, but it was not for me as a living.

IT was an exciting industry (and still is..) where you had a lot of opportunities and a fast-growing sector. Opportunity in the sense that you did not have to develop or code to work in the IT industry. All types of skill sets were needed to support the sector: Customer Support, Logistics, legal, Supply chain, technicians, accountants, engineers etc. It was, for me, the door to explore endless opportunities.

I started in the customer fulfilment area looking after the portfolio of Business Partners. I got the possibilities to go on assignment in China to look at the production planning of the laptop for Europe and Slovakia to set up new teams.

I moved to different roles within the company and lately, I am the Marketing Digital Transformation director. My job entails truly working across the globe, being the agent of change in the company transformation in enabling the right technology to support today and future needs.

I enjoy mentoring people at work and outside work, sharing experience (good or bad) is important. Most of my team are female with diverse backgrounds and education paths.

I am very fortunate to work for Lenovo where the company has a strong culture that promotes and encourages the same principles as those of STEM.

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