23 Mar 2023

What Is the Future of App Development?

Have you ever wondered what the future of app development looks like? Look no further than the low-code platform by Microsoft Power Apps. Read on to find out more…


What is Power Apps?

Power Apps is a low-code platform developed by Microsoft that allows users to easily create custom business applications. With Power Apps, users can create apps with little to no coding knowledge, making it accessible to a wide range of users than traditional app development tools. This low-code approach enables users to quickly build custom solutions to automate processes, track data and improve productivity.


What is a Low Code Platform?

A low-code platform is a software development tool that enables users to create applications using a visual interface rather than traditional programming languages. Low-code platforms abstract away much of the technical complexities of software development and offer a more streamlined approach. Power Apps is a low-code platform that enables users to create applications using a visual interface, with a drag-and-drop functionality that simplifies the process of creating custom applications.


What Are The Benefits Of Low-Code Platforms?

One of the main advantages of Power Apps is its ability to democratise app development. Time-consuming, complex app development that requires specialised knowledge can be a thing of the past. Whether you are a scientist, an engineer, a mathematical genius or an artist you can use Power Apps – you don’t have to be a technologist, a computer scientist or a coding genius.

Another advantage of Power Apps is its flexibility. You can create apps for all sorts of uses including all the boring but necessary stuff such as inventory management, customer relationship management, project management and the fun stuff as well, like creating games.

The platform allows you to integrate with other services so you can use it with all your favourite social media sites which is great when you want to know how many times something has been mentioned in a social media post. Power Apps also has the ability to connect to data sources such as Sharepoint, Excel and SQL Server, which can enable you to create or use historical data in the apps you create.

You can even sketch an app out and with its AI capabilities in the Canvas App (one of the Power Apps) it can build the app from any image. It is called the ‘Image to app’  feature and in a few simple steps, you can connect to data through the guided interface, easy peasy!

To sum it up, Power Apps is a powerful and useful tool ready to empower all Stemettes of whichever persuasion, be it Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts or Maths.

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