Stemettes Reactions

Ready for a day at the Stemettes Cinema? Join us for Stemettes Reactions. Watch our replays at your leisure across the day here on our Zine, then rewatch the chat with our Stemette Society members to see what they learnt about the videos. Don’t forget your popcorn!

In each topic are videos to watch whether you’re interested in Primary (ages 4-11), Secondary (ages 11+) or Beyond-16 sessions. In the Reactions with Stemette Society members, we take a look at your creations & experiments and delve into what each session has taught us.

Choose from these topics...

The Uses Of Technology

Ever wondered about all of the ways tech impacts our lives? Do you fancy a career in tech- but are not sure where to start? Choose from one of our three sessions.

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Exploring Science

Science is made up of so many different topics that help us to understand the world around us. We’ve listed 3 of our favourite sessions relating to all things science!

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Get Building

Find out about engineering in these replays by hearing from engineers, acing workplace skills, and creating your own engineering projects!

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Wow, Maths!

Some people think of Maths as just looking at numbers, but it is so much more than that! Learn about STEMazing mathematicians and life in the maths field.

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Creative Engineering

Join us for these sessions to find out about the lesser-known types of engineering. Hear from a Music Engineer and a Structural Engineer, as well as learning to deal with Imposter Syndrome!

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Life outside of Earth can be so interesting! Hear from a Astrophysicist, a Ballerina who is also a Quantum Physicist, and learn how to be a great leader!

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Beyond The Sky

There is so much to learn from careers in aerospace, and all of the different ways you can get one! Join these sessions to hear from an Astronaut, Aerospace Engineers, and find out how you can get a senior position in STEM.

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To The Future

Have you ever considered what the future might be like? Join today’s sessions to hear from different STEMazing role models who are working to create a better future for us all.

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