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There is so much to learn from careers in aerospace, and all of the different ways you can get one! Join these sessions to hear from an Astronaut, Aerospace Engineers, and find out how you can get a senior position in STEM.

All ages are welcome. Each live session will be 30 minutes long, but the videos to watch will be up to 1 hour.

Junior Activity
for ages 7 – 11

Meet Suzie Imber

Would you ever like to become an astronaut? Hear from Suzie Imber, a professor in space physics, and have a go at creating the surface of your very own planet, as well as designing a module for the International Space Station!

You will need:
• Milk
• Food colouring
• Washing up liquid or soap
• Internet access

Watch Here

STEM Session
for ages 11+

Aviation and Aerospace Panel

Do you like the idea of a career in aerospace? Watch this panel with a selection of STEMazing women in aviation, hear about their roles and what their days look like, as well as their career advice.

Watch Here

Career Clinic
for ages 14+

Senior Positions in STEM

Join this session to learn tips on how you can get a senior position during your STEM career from Jess Levett- a 19-year-old Scrum Master (Manager)! Senior positions in STEM are usually thought of in terms of older people, Jess is here to tell you otherwise!

Watch Here