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Join us for these sessions to find out about the lesser-known types of engineering. Hear from a Music Engineer and a Structural Engineer, as well as learning to deal with Imposter Syndrome!

All ages are welcome. Each live session will be 30 minutes long, but the videos to watch will be up to 1 hour.

7-11: Creative Engineering | Stemettes Zine

Junior Activity
for ages 7 – 11

Meet Roma Agrawal

In this meal plan, you will learn all about Roma, a Structural Engineer who constructed the Shard! Have a go at constructing a building and create a dance based on how the Shard was created!

You will need:
• A4 paper
• Sticky tape
• Books

Watch Here
11+: Creative Engineering | Stemettes Zine

STEM Session
for ages 11+

Music Engineering with Abbey Road

You might have heard of engineering, but have you heard of music engineering? Watch this interactive session with Abbey Road Studios to learn more about what it is like to have a career as a Music Engineer.

Watch Here
14+: Creative Engineering | Stemettes Zine

Career Clinic
for ages 14+

Imposter Syndrome with PureStorage

Most people suffer from feeling inadequate in their jobs or careers, but not many people know its name- Imposter Syndrome. Watch this session with role models from Pure Storage to find out more about how you can combat Imposter Syndrome.

Watch Here