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Life outside of Earth can be so interesting! Hear from a Astrophysicist, a Ballerina who is also a Quantum Physicist, and learn how to be a great leader!

All ages are welcome. Each live session will be 30 minutes long, but the videos to watch will be up to 1 hour.

7-11: Starstruck | Stemettes Zine

Junior Activity
for ages 7 – 11

Meet Merritt Moore

In this session, you can meet the role model Merritt Moore, who is a ballet dancer as well as a quantum Physicist! Learn all about her and demonstrate how waves work!

You will need:
• A metre of tape
• Skewers or straws
• Sweets

Watch Here
11+: Starstruck | Stemettes Zine

STEM Session
for ages 11+

Rainbow Astronomy with Jen Gupta

Have you ever heard of Rainbow astronomy? Watch this session with Jen Gupta, an Astrophysict, to learn all about the background of astronomy, light, and rainbows as well as creating your own spectroscope!

Watch Here
14+: Starstruck | Stemettes Zine

Career Clinic
for ages 14+

Leadership with Isabel Garvey

Leadership is an important skill to master in any job role. In this session, hear from Isabel Garvey, the Managing Director at Abbey Road Studios, where she discusses the differences between being a boss and a leader.

Watch Here