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Have you ever considered what the future might be like? Join today’s sessions to hear from different STEMazing role models who are working to create a better future for us all.

All ages are welcome. Each live session will be 30 minutes long, but the videos to watch will be up to 1 hour.

7-11: To The Future | Stemettes Zine

Junior Activity
for ages 7 – 11

Meet Dr Catherine Jones

In this session, you can hear from Dr Catherine Jones who is a Electronic and Electrical Engineer! Learn all about jer job and create a mini glider, or create a song/ rap about electricity!

You will need:
• A4 paper
• Glue or sticky tape
• Scissors

Watch Here
11+: To The Future | Stemettes Zine

STEM Session
for ages 11+

Aviation with Krystina

Did you ever wonder how different aircraft is built? Krystina Pearson-Rampeearee is here to tell you all about it. Find out all about her career as a Senior Flight Systems Engineer and how she got there.

Watch Here
14+: To The Future | Stemettes Zine

Career Clinic
for ages 14+

Tech Talk with Anne-Marie

Did you know that technology is biased? In this session, hear from Head Stemette Anne-Marie Imafidon and learn more about her career, how tech is biased and how she works to change it!

Watch Here