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Some people think of Maths as just looking at numbers, but it is so much more than that! Learn about STEMazing mathematicians and life in the maths field.

All ages are welcome. Each live session will be 30 minutes long, but the videos to watch will be up to 1 hour.

7-11: Wow, Maths! | Stemettes Zine

Junior Activity
for ages 7 – 11

Katherine Johnson

In this session, learn all about Katherine Johnson (A Mathematician working on NASA space programmes) and have a go at creating your own solar system and use biscuits to explore phases of the moon!

You will need:
• Sweets
• Internet access

Watch Here
11+: Wow, Maths! | Stemettes Zine

STEM Session
for ages 11+

Where Maths Can Take You

Did you ever wonder where studying maths could take you? Lily Choi, a mathematician, explains a number of different careers you can explore by studying maths and how maths skills can be used universally.

Watch Here
14+: Wow, Maths! | Stemettes Zine

Career Clinic
for ages 14+

Confidence and Resilience

No matter what career you would like, it is important to always believe in yourself. In this session, Jacinda Fahey explains why it is important to have confidence and build resilience for the perfect career journey.

Watch Here