This article is taken from our Associates Bootcamps, where we heard from Dalin Murad, a Junior Tech Consultant.

Congrats! Your CV went down a treat and you’ve made a good impression. Now it’s time for the scariest part of the application process – the interview. To make the wait up until your interview easier, we’ve included a couple of things you can do to be as prepared as possible.

Research, research, research. This is the biggest part of the pre-interview practice. Take a look at the website and social media profiles for the company you are applying for and look out for their mission statement, what they are selling, and their management and company culture. Confused about where to start? Go to the company website and look for their ‘about us’ section. As for socials, Twitter is an excellent platform to get an idea of the job environment in a casual setting.

Next, look at the words companies use to describe themselves. You might find that the company you are applying for really stress driving their people to excellence, do you like this? Are you happy working in a high-stress environment? Consider if you want distance between you and your job? This could be the difference between joining a start-up company or a bigger company.

If you have a LinkedIn profile, now is the time to put it to use! Make sure to:

  • Look up the company you are applying for.
  • Some companies will let you know the name of the individual who will be interviewing you. You can search these up on LinkedIn. Get some information on what they are about and their interests, this can help you be personable in the interview and help you find common ground with the interviewer.
  • LinkedIn will show you people in your network who have worked for the company you are applying for. Have a look at these, and consider any people you could reach out to so you can find out more about the role.

As for the interview itself, remember to stay calm, embrace your strengths and be as authentic as you can. Good Luck!

Thank you to Dalin for sharing all this advice on Interview Tips during the Associates Programme.

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