Primary Takeaway: Give Me Space

We are celebrating International Day of Human Space Flight and all of the STEMazing role models who work in the space industry. Meet them below.
That’s all folks!

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Meet Nicol Caplin

49 Minutes

In this session from 11th August 2021, meet Nicol, a Space Exploration Scientist, and have a go at making a space ship.

You will need:
• Paper plates x2
• Clear plastic cup (or similar tub)
• Coloured pens/pencils/paint
• Glue/tape

Watch Here

Meet Anne Pacros

30 Minutes

In this meal plan created on 1st April 2019, meet Anne Pacros, a manager at ESA, and design your own satellite.

You will need:
• An egg
• Paper straws
• A plastic bag
• String
• Colouring pencils
• Paper

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