Secondary Takeaway: Your Personal Brand

1 Hour and 53 Minutes

Whether you want an apprenticeship, a degree, or something different, it is important that you set yourself up for success by nailing the basics!

This menu includes:

  1. Living a Productive Life
  2. Advice from Role Models
  3. CV and Interview Practice

National Curriculum: KS3-KS4

Partially addressing the benchmark for all aspects of English and Computer Science.


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Living a productive life

5 Minutes

In this Zine article from 3 May 2021, learn more about how you can become more productive, and how this lifestyle can benefit you.

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Advice from role models

59 Minutes

In this Instagram Live originally recorded on the 6 April 2021, meet two inspiring role models, Jess Levett and Jazmin Morris.

Watch Here

CV & Interview Practice

49 Minutes

For this session, originally produced on the 15th of February 2021, hear from Michelle and Sian who tell us how we can improve our CV’s and nail those interviews.

Watch Here